Why Do You Need CPAP Cleaner

Those patients who suffer from sleep apnea make use of CPAP machines. The machines are useful for getting a sound sleep. Many patients find it difficult to breathe while they sleep and CPAP machines are useful to improve the breathing of the patients while they sleep. Cleaning the machines is also an important task.


Imagine if you don’t take your shower, then what will happen? You will look and feel dirty. The germ buildup will also cause diseases. Similarly, Cleaning and disinfecting your CPAP is vital for your own health. It will also function smoothly. Remember, masks are a primary breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Thanks to so clean. But, you may think and ask yourself does soclean really work?


Well, if you check the latest soclean cpap cleaner reviews you will find it is very beneficial. It is a quick, easy and effective way to clean the CPAP. It kills the bacteria and germs by 99.9% in the mask, reservoir, and hose. You do not need water, chemicals or there is no need of disassembling your machine. The cleaner works perfectly to improve your CPAP experience.


Benefits of so clean:

CPAP is used by sleep-deprived patients for 8 hours every night. The room air goes in the machine mask, nose and filter. Then the exhaled air goes in the mask, machine, and tube. The air that is exhaled is the moisture from the body. Microorganisms thrive on moisture and the particulate matter. Therefore, cleaning the machine is vital and you should know how to do it. A clean machine will also allow you to sleep better and lower your blood pressure.


Keep your mask neat:

The process of cleaning the machine is very simple. The masks are cleaned for optimum performance. However, you will need to replace the tube or other parts yearly, but maintaining the machine in a proper and clean way is equally important.


Using so clean sanitizer or liquid is the best way to keep your mask neat because if you are sick the cleaning liquid will wash all the bacteria from the tubing, humidifier and mask. During sickness, your mask can grow colonies of bacteria and your equipment can acquire foul smell and lead to premature breakdown of the equipment. CPAP machines clean the equipment without soap and water.


How and when to clean the mask?

You can clean your mask daily and weekly. You should wipe the mask daily with a damp towel and warm water. It will remove dead skin cells, sweat on the mask and oils. Rinse the mask and let it air dry. You can also try so clean to keep the mask free of germs. If there is a humidifier in the unit then empty the leftover water instead of letting it sit all the day on the unit. You should refill the humidifier with clean distilled water before bedtime. It should be cleaned weekly. If you stay in a dusty area then it has to be cleaned regularly.


In most of the soclean 2 reviews you will notice that the process is very simple of using the Soclean machine. Just keep the CPAP mask inside the So Clean unit without disconnecting the hose. It offers fuss-free sanitization of 99 percent viruses and bacteria.



Cleaning the machine and disinfecting it is useful for the machine working and your health. It helps to maintain the longevity of the equipment and keeps you healthy. Follow the instructions from manual recommendations and daily spend some time and effort to enhance the machine output. It will also save your money and keep your equipment in supreme working condition.

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