Some Cleaning Tips And Tricks For Your Carpet, Rugs And Floors

Stain WashClutter disrupts a lot of aspects of your life and we all desire a clean and dust free home which seems inviting and comfortable. Cleaning your carpets, rugs and floors is worth the effort, but if you are thinking how to clean carpet at home and need some cleaning tricks or tips, then these are stated below.


Carpet/rug cleaning not only improves the appeal of your home, but it enhances the lifespan of the carpet/rugs. You will get rid of microbes, dust particles, fungi, etc. that can make you very sick. Some carpet Cleaning tips and tricks along with cleaning tactics are stated below.

Vacuuming: Carpets add beauty and style to your house. These are made of different materials and cleaning each material using a distinct method is a must to extend the life of the carpet. It also becomes easier to remove hard stains. About 85 percent dirt on the carpet is dry which gets trapped in the carpet fibres and may cause discoloration if not removed on time. If the whole floor is covered with carpet then vacuuming on a daily basis is a must. You must vacuum high traffic areas daily.


Baking soda: Sprinkle the baking soda on the carpet and leave it for thirty minutes. If you can leave it overnight, then it will be much better. The odours will be consumed and stains will be softened. Then vacuum the powder.


Wet cleaning: It is also known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction method. You need to first pre condition the carpet with the chemical reagent so the oil based substances and soil can be liquefied. The water is heated to its boiling point and pressurized. It is injected in the carpet. After 10 to 15 minutes the solution is extracted from the carpet. This method is used by the technicians and you can contact a carpet cleaner near you in Newcastle for the same.


White wine, vodka and Hydrogen peroxide: You must implement stain resistance method to treat the stains with white wine or vodka if you spilled the red wine or use Hydrogen peroxide 3 percent. It can remove old wine stains and blood stains easily. Spray the solution on stained area and cover it with the damp white towel. Now take a steam iron. Do not touch the carpet directly with the iron. For ten to 15 seconds iron the towel and you will see the stain being transferred to the towel.

Carpet shampoo: Make a carpet shampoo solution. Follow the instructions given on the shampoo where in most of the cases, it has to be diluted with water. Now use the shampoo to cover the area of carpet. Try not using a lot of it as it will increase the drying time. Take a hard bristled brush and scrub the areas gently. Let the carpet dry. After drying, vacuum the shampoo.


A professional area rug cleaner: Last but not the least; you can contact local area rug cleaners who can offer high quality cleaning and treat the trouble areas efficiently. They will also free up your time for other things. They make use of proven methods and techniques which are eco friendly and eliminate the odours from the rugs. It will keep the rug in good shape and the rugs will last longer.


If you do not want to clean the carpet, rugs or floors on your own, then contacting carpet cleaners Newcastle near you will be a good option. Taking their cleaning services once a week will spare the distress and allow you to enjoy a neat, healthy and clean space which may seem extremely comfortable.

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