Why Termite Infestation Often Are Discovered During Spring Season

Termite infestation in homes, both interior as well as exterior is a dangerous process and a serious source of threat to the homeowner as they are very difficult to detect at its very first activity as they secretly invade your home by not coming out in the open. Infestation means infiltration of house, its walls, doors, floor corners by termite ants and insects causing structural destruction to your property as well as it involves huge investment cost in its repair and preventing from future infestation.

Infestations often are discovered during spring season, in the month of March to May. Now the question arises, Why Spring?

Swarming termites with wings on both sides mostly emerge during the spring period. Warmer temperature with moist atmosphere favours the reproduction of termites as termite swarm to scatter and separate themselves to start establishing new colonies and procreate. The class of termites having wings called winged termites come out of their sheltered colony and start to disperse and flutter in the air.

The Swarmers commonly known as flying ants then start to fall on the ground followed by shedding their wings , pairing with their mate and  after fertilization eventually form new termite colonies .Only a few swarming winged termites emerging outsides of home, establish new colonies.

Termites usually throng in the spring when the air is very humid and damp but often just after the rain. Many swarm at the same time, even if their colonies are disjointed by long distances.  Homes mostly experience termite infestation if there is wood panelling at home, if there are cracks in the wall, floor ,ceiling ,foundation or if there are woodpiles or remnants near the home which serves easy  breeding surroundings for termites.

Termite Infestation

How big termite infestation can be:

Termites are creepy creatures that hide themselves in the walls,crawl spaces by making tunnel through it difficult to locate as they do not come out in open sunlight.

Flying swarmers inside your home indicate starting of termite infestation which can gradually cause devastating effect on home and house owners. Termites can eat up wooden structures because they feed on cellulose contained in all wooden materials causing extensive structural damage to home, slab nitty-gritties, any wood part that touching the floor and inaccessible crawl spaces are the vulnerable critical areas for termites to infest upon. They eat paper material, cardboard or anything made of cellulose.


How professionals can help in getting rid of infestation.

Termite prevention can cost you a not so much fortune, but if your house gets damaged then it is severe. Damage and devastation caused from termites infiltration not only wrecks the aesthetic and beauty of your home, but also impairs its value as a whole .If you want to sell off your home, may be unable to do so if there is an evidence of termite damage, as potential customers will be unwilling to purchase a home wherein the safety of the structure is in a stake as the potential entry points have already been infested. As termite infestations may go unobserved or undetected for a stretched time, it is important to address the problem at once you notice them in your home.

Termite and pest control Colorado Springs Co provide first hand pest and termite inspection and control solutions depending on degree of infestation. Periodical termite review by pest exterminators should be a routine part of home maintenance. Here are some residential termite and pest control services:

Using boric acid: It is the most common chemical used for treating termites and insects’ .This chemical dehydrates its central nervous system.

Using termiticides: for subterranean termites which are hidden termites when infested is treated with applying liquid termiticide to a soil under the house or injected into infested wood and a baiting service.

Using baiting process: Baits are placed in the soil around the foundation structure of the home. The termites seeking new food source get attracted by the food attached to the bait and ingest the toxin chemical within the bait finally leading to their deaths.

Fumigation treatment: this termite control service is effective for dry wood termites and not subterranean termites. It uses hot dry air with high temperature to be sprayed on wood and all the way down the wood timber to kill termites. The process calls for approximate 6 hours of dedication. Sulfuryl fluoride is the pesticide applied to treat residential buildings.

Now you know what step you should take and call termite and pest control companies to keep your house free of termite attack and even preventing from its infestation ever.

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