How To Make Your Teeth Pearly White?

Pearly Teeth

Who does not want to have white teeth? We all love to have the much wanted pearly white lustrous teeth which look extremely good. But there are a lot many hurdles which need to be crossed in order to reach the point of triumph where one can boast of pearly white teeth. Once reached the desired target, it is really very difficult to maintain that position.

This fact holds true in the case of pearly white teeth as well because maintaining teeth in their white colour is a very effort demanding and time consuming task. Read on below to know more.

Pearly Teeth

How do our teeth lose their pearly white lustre and become dull?

When a human being is born, no one is born with dull, yellowish teeth. Each and every baby is grows to have normal lustrous white teeth. Then why do so many people have dull and yellowish and sometimes brownish teeth?

First thing that affects our teeth and makes them become yellowish is the very food we eat. Now food has many food acids in them which are essential as they contain many nutrients required for the proper functioning of the body. These food acids, while being essential, cause the major damage to our teeth by triggering certain chemical reactions which wear away the enamel and expose the dentine to give the yellowish tinge.

Secondly, most people who do not have white teeth and instead have yellowish or even brownish teeth, tend to smoke a lot or chew a lot of tobacco and consume tobacco products. Nothing can be done in this case as they will have to stop such practices and go for dental treatments.

Thirdly, most of us are too ignorant about good habits that should be maintained in order to show off good, white teeth. Not much can be done about this either as this solely depends on how one chooses to play by the book and follow the rules to a healthy mouth.

What to do in order to bring back pearly white teeth?

There are not a whole lot of things which one can do in order to bring back pearly white once they have degraded into yellowish and pale coloured ones. But there are a handful of home remedies which must be given a try before thinking of giving up. These remedies have proven to be effective in some cases and are a must try before anything else. Take a look below.


Home remedies for making teeth pearly white:

  • Baking soda and lemon: This method is perhaps the most common one when it comes to teeth whitening. The acidic lemon juice and basic baking soda combines to give a staggering result and the combination is quite effective when it comes to making teeth white.
  • Eating strawberries: Strawberries have an enzyme known as malic acid as well as vitamin C. Both of these are chemical compounds are excellent teeth whitening agents. Added to that, strawberries also have astringent. This helps to remove plaque. Chewing strawberries well will give desired results.
  • Use a straw: Just like tobacco, many drinks like tea, coffee and alcoholic products have a negative effect on teeth whiteness. Always go for a straw if possible in order to avoid contact of these beverages with your teeth. If you feel embarrassed to drink with a straw then make sure to wash and brush your teeth after drinking such drinks.
  • Food grade hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is a highly oxidising agent. Thus, a food grade variety of hydrogen peroxide can prove to be excellent teeth whitening agent. Added to that, it also helps hinder the growth of bacteria and thus protects from bad breath and infections.


Activated charcoal powder – a modern solution to pearly white teeth:

Apart from the aforementioned home remedies, by far the best and most reliable process to get pearly white teeth is activated charcoal powder. The benefits of brushing teeth with charcoal are something which had been realised long before.

Of late, the entire practice has been modernised. Teeth whitening activated charcoal powder is now available in capsules which can be laid on the brush and clean teeth while brushing. Activated charcoal is a dirt and plaque magnet. It also helps to kill off bacteria and thus comes with a combination of benefits.

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