How To Get A Better Quality Sleep And Experience With CPAP Mask


A lot of people suffer from various sleeping disorders and therefore they feel lazy and sick the next day. Sleep is so important for all of us. Thanks to CPAP machines that are very useful to give sleep-deprived patients a sound sleep.

In the beginning, you may find it a little challenging to sleep with the CPAP therapy. Well, some simple steps can help you get used to the CPAP mask for sleep apnea which will help you fall asleep without any problems. It will reduce apneic events and lead to increased sleep and therefore you get a more restful night. For CPAP therapy patients there are many factors that interfere with your good night’s sleep.


Here we will discuss some ways to get a better quality sleep and experience with the CPAP mask:


1. Get used to using the CPAP

When you first begin using the CPAP machine, try using the equipment for short periods of time during the day. Use it while watching TV or reading. Thus, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments and make the equipment rest on your nose comfortably. It will help you get used to the machine without any difficulty.

You can also get in touch with the therapy specialist who will help you make the equipment settings to suit your sleep apnea. The new therapy patients need to go through adjustment periods of varying lengths and the specialist will help in dealing with mask issues, machine noise, tube interferences, etc.


2. Get in good sleeping hygiene:

Before you begin with CPAP therapy make sure you are taking efforts to maintain good sleep hygiene. Your lifestyle practices and habits should be conducive to allow you sleep properly regularly.  Few adjustments to your body and lifestyle can be very helpful. Understand the internal clock of the body as it gives right signals when you have to sleep and go to bed when you feel tired. Do not sleep until you feel tired.


  1. Choose the right CPAP and improve the sleeping environment: If you are a side sleeper then go for CPAP masks for side sleepers. Follow the right steps to get the best CPAP equipment as per your sleep requirements. Consult a specialist. You can go for full face CPAP as well. For side sleepers, there are specifically designed pillows to help you use the CPAP mask without any issues. Sleep in a dark environment and make sure the bedroom temperature is 16 to 20 degree Celsius so you can have a sound sleep. Control the noise and light in the room as well.
  2. Clean the equipment regularly: You can make use of CPAP mask sanitizer cleaning machine by Sani bot to keep the CPAP clean. It is vital to clean the CPAP mask regularly because the machine collects bacteria, dirt, etc. If you do not clean the equipment, then you may catch some infection or may find it difficult to breathe as well. Make sure to clean it every week. However, if you have pets and smoke in the house then clean the machine more often.


You can also prepare a homemade CPAP cleaning solution to clean the equipment and prevent any illnesses from mold, bacteria, and germs which may grow in your machine with daily use. The best CPAP cleaner from renowned companies can help in destroying 99.9% of germs.

So, take these steps and you will be able to enjoy good quality sleep. Make use of the machine and clean it regularly with a sanitizer to avoid any health problems.

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