How To Find Best Vaccum For Pets Hair

vacuum for pet hair

Pets are an integral part of a family. They are your companions and make your home atmosphere stress free. A loving furry friend is all that you need at the end of the day, but they are messy.


Pets shed hair on the floor, carpets, upholstery, etc. Pet hair is silkier than the human hair and it becomes difficult to remove it. You definitely need the best vacuum for pets hair to keep your home neat and tidy. Regular vacuum cleaners may not be able to remove the pet hair, therefore you need to choose the best one for doing such a job flawlessly.


Choosing the best vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair:

When it comes to removing pet hair you cannot choose any vacuum cleaner. Some vacuums work better than others as they are specifically designed to pick each individual strand. So, here are a few tips to help you choose the best pet vaccuum and make your search easier.



  • Consider your home flooring and furniture:

The flooring and layout that you have in your home should be considered for buying the best vacuum to remove pet hair. If you have hardwood or tiles in your home then select a model which is designed specially to clean such type of floor. The vacuum cleaner should have a good suction power else it will blow the fur around the floors. You can definitely capture the fur with a low suction, but you will have to spend more time cleaning the floor. An efficient vacuum will be the one designed for hard floors.


If you have rugs and carpets then you need a vacuum with great suction power along with a rotating brush that will help in pulling out the pet hair more robustly. Some types of furs are not easy to get out of the carpet and that is why buying a vacuum with a rotating brush is helpful. You need to check the quality of rotating brush as these damage the hardwood floors, so look closely at the various models to choose the right one.



If you can keep the pets off your furniture then its well and good, but let’s be realistic. Cuddling your furry friend on a sofa is a wonderful thing. However, it comes with an added chore of cleaning the fur from your furniture. Look for a vacuum which comes with attachments to clean the upholstery and helps to keep the fur off.



  • Check your home layout:


Another important feature to consider is a model that can adjust its height. It will offer you more versatility when it comes to cleaning different areas of a home. For example, stairs. You will need to lift the vacuum at least several times to clean the stairs so pay attention to the weight of the vacuum. You don’t want something that can pose a risk of fall.


Another tip is to vacuum the staircase using attachments for removing the pet hair and debris. The unit will have an extension hose and you can attach a small brush head to it. Instead of cleaning the stairs using the entire device the extension hose will help you vacuum the carpet easily and efficiently. It will minimize the risk of falling as well.



  • Variety of factors to analyze when choosing a pet-friendly vacuum:

There are many models to choose from and it becomes perplexing to choose the right one when you have a pet. You need to decide on the type of vacuum cleaner considering some important factors like how much fur does your pet sheds and do you allow the pet on your furniture, carpet, etc. Here we have made a list of some models that can work as a guide to choosing the best one.


Canister vacuum cleaners: Canister vacuum come with a variety of features for carpets and hard surfaces. These are great for cleaning pet hair without any problems.


Upright vacuum cleaners: Upright models are simple to use and you don’t need to bend over so much. These models are versatile, have settings for bare floors and carpets like tile and wood. They come with attachments and are compact to clean the pet hair from furniture as well.


Handheld vacuum cleaners: The suction power of handheld vacuums is not very strong, but they are ideal for cleaning at the spot mess quickly like the furs that are balled at corners. You do not have to plug these vacuums and these can be used easily when you need to clean the hair from the car. They are definitely handy.



Robot Vacuum cleaners: Robot vacuums do the cleaning job for you to some degree as you can program them to suction up the cat and dog hair. They offer convenience, but also lack efficiency when it comes to picking certain types of pet hair. You will need to empty the container many times as well.


Stick vacuum cleaners: Stick models have many features like some important vacuums, and they are lightweight which is good for individuals who do not want to carry a lot of weight. They come in budget too. However, when it comes to choosing the best vacuums for pet hair these are not very good.


An additional tip: Look for a vacuum that has a HEPA filter as it traps 99.7% of particulates that are 0.3 microns or bigger. If anyone in your family has allergies then Hepa filtration is a must have the feature to avoid microscopic allergies and pet dander.   



Taking time to buy a good vacuum cleaner and analyzing the different factors will help you make a good choice else you will end up investing in something which won’t last for a long time and then you may have to buy a new one again. So, think about these little things before you plan to buy a vacuum for cleaning pet hair efficiently from your home. Do your research well and you will definitely find something worthwhile.

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