Why To Call Termite Exterminators Before Moving To A New House?

In earlier days, protecting our homes from insects and pests contamination seemed to be a tiring exercise unlike today where rodent infestations prevention and cleaning of the entire home has become a much easier task with the advent of Termite exterminators who help in eradicating pests and creatures using advanced techniques.

Presence of pests in home are a major cause of concern for every human owner and none of us would like to live in a house infested with pests such as rats, fleas and so on.one must be familiar with the word “insects” but what are rodents and pests are? Rodents refer to the rats and mice while categories of pests may be as followed mosquitoes, spiders, ants, termites, fleas, flies, stink bugs, cockroaches, stinging pests etc.

Rodent fungus growth are nothing to relax upon, thinking of its detrimental effects on human health, its earliest prevention must be taken with right care in right time to keep pests out of home.

Pest Exterminators

How pests can affect health:

  1. Pests carry harmful and hazardous bacteria causing health hazards like cockroaches carry virus called salmonella which can greatly affect humans to develop asthma and allergies.
  2. Rodents and pests are the important agents of causing transmissible diseases in humans like mosquitoes can cause deadly diseases called dengue, malaria.
  3. Stinging pests can activate a serious risk of developing allergic conditions.

To make our houses clean of rodents or before shifting to a new residence, one must check the house for making it free of insects and pests and make it a safer place to live in. here comes the EXTERMINATORS in the broader picture.

Wandering who the Exterminators are? Here’s your answer:

Exterminators are the especially skilled and trained pest control technicians who are employed under an Organization that is involved in widespread pest control and management procedures to be conducted in homes, houses, schools, institutes or organizations in large scale to provide an eco-friendly, effective, healthy environmentally safe pest control remedies. They check for possible leakage area and test the permeability of the walls and ceilings where insects can invade.

Save your maintenance cost of your home and your valuable time by hiring a PEST CONTROL EXTERMINATOR

Aim of Pest Exterminators:

  1. The major work of these exterminators is to treat the infested area of the home and its surrounding areas to prevent pests from becoming a nuisance for homeowners.
  2. He examines the entire house including furniture, bed, linen to find out the possible suspected source of pests growth like one common source may be the stagnant water reservoir , non-removal of garbage in time or improper sewage disposal technique
  3. A trained Pest Control Professional conducts a thorough examination review of the interior as well as exterior of the house to look for indications for pest growth  and
  4. Exterminators after careful assessment and locating creatures, pests or rodents provide different possible suitable treatment plans to his client.
  5. The final choice of the treatment plan lies with the client.

Eliminate pests using:

  1. The method may follow spraying of insecticides and pesticides in right quantity and proportion to kill the pests.
  2. Using toxic gases and chemicals anti for such pest and for the rodents are trapped by secretly setting a bait for them to attract and confine them.
  3. High technology equipment for long term pest prevention.

Home is a place for living a safe and healthy life and certainly not for the pests to dwell upon. Insects apart from being creepy, they are mostly unwanted creatures causing various fatal and dangerous health problems to mankind. Controlling pests on own is not such an easy task as it seems so, seeking Pests or Termite Exterminators can be of great help who having the training and techniques to detect the signs of pest invasion in and around the home ensure pest free environment for you to live in.


So NOW you know why to call an EXTERMINATOR before moving to a new house

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