What You Need To Know When Choosing Your Hardwood Floor

Harwood Flooring

One of the most reliable and durable kind of flooring which people prefer to install in their homes is the Hardwood Flooring. You can find various types of hardwood floors in Utah to enhance the beauty of your space. It can be perplexing to decide on factors like labor cost, installation price, and the material. You can narrow down your search and take a wise decision by using experts help. Depending on the best hardwood flooring Utah company near your area that specializes in hardwood floors can lend a helping hand.


Installing a hardwood floor is a significant investment and it increases the resale value of your home as well. Making a wrong decision regarding the selection of flooring will not just impact the house appeal, but will also cost you a fortune. To avoid such disasters, you need to know the following things which will work as a roadmap to get you the best deal.


Think about the place where you plan to install the hardwood:

You may have decided on some type of hardwood for your floor, but before you buy your favorite hardwood flooring analyze the space where you would like to install it.


If you want the hardwood floor in busy areas of our house then you need a durable wood type as high traffic areas to impact the appearance of wood. It may age quickly and be more prone to scratches or dents.


Areas that are used frequently in the house like kitchen, hallways and living rooms need strong and durable wood.


To measure the resistance of wood to wear and tear you can make use of Janka scale which is available with the timber retailers. If the scale shows a high rating then it is a sign that the wood is durable and strong.



Know and understand the characteristics of wood:

A popular choice is Oak which is quite tough and ideal for areas that have high traffic zones in your house. Red oak is not so tough unlike the white oak, but you get many color variations that can match the decor of your house.


For bedrooms and dining rooms walnut is a top choice for homeowners as it can brighten the area that has stylish rugs displayed. For a luxurious antique feel, you can choose a dark wood which will give a traditional appeal to your house. It is not so durable as oak, but it can take more wear and tear from shoes and paws.


Maple flooring is one of the toughest woods and harder than oak. It is ideal for high traffic areas and if you choose a golden color then you will notice that it can be coordinated well with different home decoration options.


Another option is Hickory that offers a rustic foot and comes in natural colors and grains. It creates a cozy atmosphere which is super tough and perfect for kitchens and hallways. You can also search for the top hardwood floors Utah specialists near your area to get more details on the characteristics of hardwood floors.


Choose a floor that is pet-friendly:

Pet owners need to take flooring which suits the needs of pets. The hardwood should be able to withstand the damage done by pets like scratches, claw marks, gouges. Pet-related stains like urine stains can damage the floor.  You should choose a flooring that can withstand the damage done by dogs, cats, etc. Hardwood floors do not scratch easily and polymer finish is better than the oil based one for a house that has pets. To sustain your wooden flooring you can get an extra coat of wood protection.

Benefits of using hardwood floors are many, but an important benefit is that it never goes out of style. It can work best with your lifestyle as you have a lot of options to choose from and it has a natural fiber so it will work for years to come. Though there are many benefits of hardwood floors, you must always analyze your needs and ponder on other aspects of your home needs. Also, take assistance from the hardwood flooring salt lake city professionals in Utah who are reputed topmost contractors near your area and can offer supreme suggestions that you want. Thus, you will make a choice that you will never regret.

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