Types Of Beautiful Mehndi Designs Which Make An Impression

Mehndi! The word itself strikes excitement and joy in the heart of each and every Indian lady. Mehndi is simply a magical drug for them. These extremely beautiful work of art graces the hands of most Indian women in the most wonderful way imaginable. This art is extremely unique to our great country and is one of the most prestigious things which we can boast of when it comes to our one- off cultural heritage.

Mehndi – A Tattoo of a Different Kind:

We all have more or less a pretty much conclusive idea about how a mehndi design on the hands of a woman looks like. But it is very rare that we find people who actually know quite a few things about it.

Firstly, mehndi is very unique. Although many cultures in and around the world features painting on body, none is a match for Indian mehndi when it comes to beauty. The chocolate brown color blends and contrasts well with the typical skin tone of Indian ladies to give out a dazzling and brilliant radiant glow.

Secondly, mehndi is a form of tattoo but with a different approach. Most tattoos which have traced their inheritance from cultural rituals and heritage are quite upsetting for human skin physiology and can prove to be a major concern for skin cancer as they are dyed or pricked on the skin permanently. But mehndi has no such side effects as this magical designer is a temporary tattoo and fades away with time. Temporary does not mean that it lasts for a day.

Thirdly, apart from coming without any sort of side effects, mehndi actually comes with beneficiary properties for health concerns. Mehndi paste is made from henna leaves. These henna leaves are known to have a lot of healing properties as well as beneficial characteristics for both skin and hair. No wonder henna is a major herb in ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda.

So one can easily see why mehndi is a great thing to apply on hands in order to not only look beautiful in traditional ways but also to keep skin supple and healthy.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for All Occasions:

Mehndi application is an inevitable part of Indian festivals. It is an extremely important custom, so much so that the occasion of mehndi application has a day dedicated to it in many Indian communities. Mehndi is a very big deal not only in big occasions like weddings where the ceremony continues for weeks, but also for small festivals like Karva Chauth, Teej and even Eid – festivals which span over just a day or two.

Mehndi art is basically broadly classified into two types – Indian Mehndi and Arabic Mehndi. Although this classification does not trace its origins to the original texts from where mehndi originated, the classification is done based on the cultures from which the different designs developed.

Indian Mehndi Designs:

Indian designs of mehndi feature extremely complex designs among other things. Peacocks and flowers are the main features of this type and they are seen to occur in a variety of patterns. Together with curls and curves, this mehndi looks complete with very little thin spaces in between lines of the design.

Arabic Mehndi Designs:

Arabic mehndi is much denser, which is one of their salient features. Another salient feature is that Arabic mehndi designs do not features birds of animals. Instead, they have plethora of vines and flowers to sum things up along with thick lines. They have a lot of empty spaces in them.

Professional Touché:

Some of the best mehndi designs – both Indians and Arabic are not very easy to be made. Intricacies increase the level of dedication and composure required to draw these designs. Most professional mehndi designs look attractive but we need the help of professional mehndi designers in order to get them perfectly drawn on hands. If you are living in and around Kolkata and looking for the best professional mehndi designers to decorate your hands with both complex as well as simple mehndi designs for hands. They have a huge collection of beautiful designs which are perfect for any occasion.

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