Poem: Beware Of This Drug

A powerful drug, that made me still and disdain

Fed something unusual which either kills or ingrain


I didn’t understand it’s meaning, whether it’s a circle or a chain

But It kept working on me, so I could never try to abstain


Before I could realize, it was all in my domain

I wanted to run and hide, but it would catch me again


From this endless tunnel of darkness, I tried to pertain

Will this trouble and fear, always try me enchain?


It was acting like a ghost, scaring me that I will wane

It was weird, it was crazy, but didn’t feel inhumane


I told it to stop, and begged it to explain

It said,” Don’t you dare or I will have to prick your pain”


Now, its flowing in my veins, in my heart, and brain

Its like going on a journey in a no destination train


I asked what it is, forced it to explain

It began laughing on me like a stubborn lamebrain


This obnoxious laugh of taunt was making me insane

I checked here and there, but it was coming from within


I touched my heart and asked, r u shouting this pain?

My heart said, “Yes, it’s working worse than cocaine”


Now, nothing I could do, It’s in my every membrane

This powerful drug is LOVE that enters not to explain


It has no ears, no eyes, still knows how to detain,

No matter how much one tries, cries, pleads or bargain


It’s ironical, its beautiful, but it’s also sadder and slain

When the whole world was dry, only I was wet in the rain


Love has made me vulnerable, completely mad to sustain

But I will never see its flaws, damage, distance or strain


Though it came without knocking, will trouble like a hurricane

But, the intoxication of this drug will stay with me till I remain!

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