How To Plan A Wedding That You Will Remember All Your Life | Wedding Planning Checklist

Do you find it daunting to plan your own wedding? Well, planning your own wedding involves taking endless decisions and it can be overwhelming. It’s a whole lot of work and to plan a perfect wedding you need to make sure that every single element of your big day is organized in a systematic way.

There is a long to-do list and everything needs to be managed well in budget. What if you have the assistance of professional wedding planners and a wedding planning checklist to make your task easy?

Feels good, right? So, delve into dreams and talk your ideas with your fiancé before you take the pleasure of organizing and executing the wedding events, ceremonies and rituals in a prodigious manner.

For a perfect celebration you can rely on a comprehensive wedding planning checklist and extraordinary wedding services offered by the staff of Asad Farooq who made my wedding moments extremely memorable.


What was I offered?

They offered customized packaged solution for my wedding in Lahore and took it by a storm. The spellbound photography and videography services were simply incredible. When I look back at those moments, it fills me with awe.

  • Videos and photos mean a lot:

My husband and in laws relate to every imagery as the emotions captured by his team was simply heart touching. Each picture reflects, joy, love, sadness and much more. Let me put it right. The pictures talk.

His work was the best amongst so many wedding photographers in Lahore and the way he and his team explained their plan of action to me, I was sure that my wedding album is going to be priceless.

So, getting videos and right imagery is very important for your wedding because you will be seeing it the rest of your life. Well, there are other things as well that you can consider to make your wedding memorable.

  • Wedding Decorations:

Wedding decors play a vital role in your wedding. The preparation, planning and coordination of the elements included in wedding decorations means a lot. The decoration must abide well to the theme you decide to choose. After all this is going to be captured in the camera and many rituals, ceremonies, etc. will take place here. The mood of wedding should be in sync with the decoration elements you have decided to choose. This will help the guests, family members and most importantly, the couple to connect with the emotions. Thus, it can be reflected well in the pictures too.

  • Venue

For a memorable and stunning wedding, the venue should be chosen wisely. The big deal about choosing the venue is, it plays a pivotal role in creating the atmosphere. It defines the wedding theme and makes it easier for a professional wedding photographer to add a unique touch to your wedding photos.

It can help the photography team to be super creative and also be flexible to your needs. So, you get the best pictures at the end of the day. The wedding venue must be elegant, but it should not let you go out of budget.

You should also research about the bands, florists and caterers before you decide to choose the best one. Find someone famous in the category and always check their reviews online to make a sound decision. Set a budget to finalize everything and you will find it easy to plan everything. The checklist should guide you.

My experience:

As far as my experience is considered, I was very happy to work with the professional team of photographers, who guided me well about everything. As me and my fiancé decided about the wedding elements and the kind of photos or videos we wanted, the team of Asad Farooq assisted us quite well.

They are among the most renowned local wedding photographers who discussed our detailed needs and guided about what kind of wedding decorations, venue, flower arrangements and other types of arrangements we can do to make our wedding special.

It was their humble attitude and genuine interest which pleased me and the price of the services was reasonable too. I can’t thank the team enough. It is because of their guidance that I was able to finalize and plan everything in coordination and every ritual, ceremony, etc. went smoothly.

Whenever I get a glimpse of my wedding photos, I just want to see the complete Album and go through the video as well. It’s like a beautiful romantic story which is portrayed so well using these mediums and Asad Farooq’s team worked very smart to give me something priceless.

You can choose from the basic, standard or premium package for mehandi, walima and wedding. The team will help you decide and you can make a decent choice to make your day completely happening. So, add more things to your checklist and think about those wedding dreams again, so you can mesh them with reality and choose only the best. I would recommend Asad Farooq for photography and videography services for they take pains and make sure to please your needs.

So, get organized by figuring out the things you need and budget the items for planning your wedding well. Discuss with everyone close to you and it will help you ensure that your big day is success.

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