IT For Non Profits Organizations Using Cloud Technology Which They Can Depend On

A lot of nonprofit organizations depend on obsolete software or hardware systems which are usually because of fewer funds. There are restrictions to the use of new technology and replacing these old methods with new technological solutions can be impactful in running smooth business operations easily.

Cloud solutions are ideal for non profits as IT for non profits can help them reach goals more easily specifically.

Non profits make use of spreadsheets for different types of work, like, budgeting, donor tracking, management of content, accounting and a lot more. Emails and internet connection is another important aspect, but that’s not enough.

What about getting notified to follow up with the constituents, submitting a grant application, tracking relationships between donors, communicating with supporters and fundraisers promptly?

Dedicated resources and IT support for nonprofits is a must to reap the benefits of technology. Cloud based services helps in cost cutting and allows non profits to be more interactive. You will not only attract new donors, but can retain and engage the present donors using cloud technology intelligently.

There are some cloud applications for non profits listed below and even if it’s a new venture cloud computing for small businesses is exceptionally beneficial. After all, cloud can meet the IT requirements of the nonprofits. So, let’s see some of the applications, how it can help non profits.


  1. Office Software:

One of the well known cloud computing services is Google drive that helps to collaborate and create simple documents, spreadsheets and presentations on internet. Microsoft office web apps and Zoho apps is known to offer similar functionality where sharing and collaborating docs becomes easy.

Growing needs for data and efficiency can be met with Zoho which will reduce data entry with system integration.


  1. Email and scheduling

 With Google Apps one can host email for their web domain and staff can easily access the organizational email with same look and feel like Google’s Gmail service. On each account in the domain, you can retain administrative controls. Booking conference rooms and sending appointment requests is also simple.

Marketing automation software allows you to take the multi channel approach to email anytime. This means you can send targeted appeals frequently which can increase the response and finally you can get more donations for your cause.


  1. CRM

CRM databases are quite popular cloud based tools for non profits. Cloud CRM systems operate on simple per user pricing model which is easy and cost effective for changing the number of users who are able to access the database when requirements change.

As per the organization structure and those who will access the CRM, keeping the CRM in the cloud will be less inconvenient. If nonprofits have many branches then cloud CRM is useful for collecting branches shared relationships at one place.


It is among the best solutions for small businesses as well as nonprofits. It can help nonprofits to get donors, funders, beneficiaries in a single database which is important to streamline business procedures.


Benefits of IT consulting to nonprofits:

When you leverage latest technology strategic IT consulting services are the advisory services which can help non profit to align the technology strategies. Thus, consultants  can advise about the cloud based tools which will be a great fit for your non profit organization and help in engaging with volunteers frequently.

As file storage, sharing and syncing is important for non profits across multiple devices. Choosing the right device, additional level of back up service and protection of data using encryption tools like TrueCrypt or BoxCryptor is essential. The strategic planning consultants can help you and guide you about these cloud applications which will help you do the work better and focus on the processes and workflows.


As cloud is changing constantly, you need a good cloud solution, for which you can depend on the advice of strategic consultants as they have the team of IT experts who set the IT infrastructure of nonprofits which varies from organization to organization. They also understand the budget constraints and nonprofits requirement to find an ideal cloud solution.

So, take their advice and you will know which cloud technology to depend on for your non profit organization.

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