Frame Your Quintessential Moments Of Your Life Through The Lens Of Asad Farooq

Every human being love to cherish the precious moment of their life and no one will deny themselves of having someone to capture those quintessential moments during any event. During this need, the need of an event photographer arises who have the necessary skills and equipment to capture all those priceless moments which you would love to add to your album. If you will find tons of professionals, who boast of delivering you top of the class photo but practically not everyone can accomplish that task. You need to hire the right photographer who would accomplish their task by understanding your demand.

For instance, if you are hosting a wedding, birthday party or any kind of event in Karachi or anywhere in Pakistan and you will definitely need a professional who will help you make an album of all the sweet moments of that party. Asad Farooq can help you accomplish this task with his marriage photography and other skills which he posses. A professional and skilled photographer never disappoints their client as they know the value of the moments and you can expect the same from Mr. Farooq. Portraits are considered as one of the most beautiful asset ones can have, and only a professional knows how to capture them through the lens.

Why Asad Farooq And His Team

Asad Farooq is a well-known and reputed professional photographer in Karachi who masters in all type of portrait photography. If you go to his website, you will find that he masters in portrait photography poses especially those which are related to weddings. One special thing about Mr. Farooq is that he always pre-plans all the things that he needs to accomplish during an event and he always keeps in mind about your likings, dear ones as well as your wishes. Mr. Farooq and his team capture all the moments of love, excitement, anxiety and bliss that you share with your dear one, family, friends and relative.

Asad Farooq masters in marriage photography and along with his team, they help you create a mesmerizing ambiance in the wedding which assists them in capturing exclusive photographs. It is because of his work; he has earned the reputation to be regarded as one of the best wedding photographers in Karachi who takes great care about their customer’s satisfaction. The wedding couple is always their top priority, and they organize various photography sessions like bridal portraits, on stage with bride and groom, pre-wedding session, etc. so that they can get unique pictures of those couples. Mr. Farooq personally captures all the aspect of the wedding through the lens like capturing priceless bonding with your family, friends, and relative and especially with your dear one.

Apart from wedding photography, Mr. Farooq and his team also offer corporate photography, product photography, industrial photography and any type of event photography. All the photos that will be handed to you will be a blend of elegance and innovation which oozes elegance within itself, and all the photos are in high definition with exclusive color combination and clarity. The specialty of his team is that they work in such a manner that their work doesn’t disturb the guest rather they blend with everyone is such way that they encourage him for his work.

The team of Asad Farooq photography also provides the service of hiring screen and projectors for any kind of events. Another reason for choosing this team is that all the artist is highly skilled and professional in their respective artistry and they are entirely dedicated towards their work. All the equipment they use are of modern technology, and they also employ skilled artist who masters in editing skills of photographs and videos.

Packages Offered and Booking Process

Asad Farooq Photography offers three types of packages which include basic package, standard package and premium package. All the packages comprise Mehandi, Wedding, and Valima and different packages have different perks. You can easily book them through their website, where you just have to put your name, email, city, and contact, and the team of Mr. Farooq will contact you. You can even visit their office in Karachi and Lahore, or you can get in touch through their phone number.

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