An Easy Guide To Whiten Your Teeth Using Activated Charcoal

White teeth – powerful personality:

White teeth are not just a sign of good health. White teeth are also necessary in various aspects of life. Thus, it is extremely important to keep our teeth white and healthy. It has become a general idea or concept that white teeth means the person has a good outlook and attitude. White teeth symbolises beauty and grace and is a must for any person who interacts with others a lot. White teeth give us confidence which we all like to have when it comes to out personality.

Charcoal Teeth

How do teeth become dull?

So, with so much advantages and benefit coming with white teeth, it is high time for us to determine a good process as to how to whiten your teeth. But before that, it is even more important to know the reasons, which cause teeth to lose their whiteness and turn dull and yellow and lose all their beauty.

  • The first thing that pops up when discussing about teeth losing their whiteness is what we eat. Did you know that eating fruits, especially citrus fruits can cause teeth to lose their whiteness? This is because fruits have a lot of acids in them of different compositions. When these acids come in contact with the enamel of the teeth, they start a reaction which degrades the enamels and makes it wear away easily, leaving the yellow dentine part exposed, thus turning the teeth yellowish.
  • Not just fruits, a lot of other kind of foods are there which also contribute to wearing away the enamel. Brushing of teeth immediately after eating foods containing various food acids can cause an acid-base reaction which also does not bode well at all for the longevity of whiteness of teeth.
  • Have you ever wondered whether brushing your teeth harshly is good for them or not? Apparently not. This is because harshly brushing our teeth does not guarantee complete removal of germs. On the contrary, harsh brushing can wear away the enamel and end up leaving the dentine exposed.

Popular and so-called effective methods failing:

With these three major reasons being said, let’s now focus on which is the highly recommended and perhaps the best way to restore whiteness of teeth and keep teeth in good shape. There are a lot of many cures available but after trying most of those, you will find that they are not very efficient and do not yield satisfactory result. Some of these kinds of methods also end up in in creating side effects and delivers further damage to the teeth.

Activated charcoal – the age old means to whiten teeth:

One of the most reliable methods of whitening teeth is with activated charcoal. Teeth whitening activated charcoal is an age old means which has been coming down for generations but somehow has failed to make its mark in the modern age under the pressure from other fancier products carrying powerful brand names. Not that all branded products are bad but charcoal to whiten teeth is so much simpler and better. Our previous generations used to make use of ashes of burnt coal and charcoal in order to shine their teeth. But this method however, has become too filthy for the modern generation and hence the tradition has almost died away.


Using activated charcoal powder, nothing new is done except giving the old tradition a better shape and much better means of execution so that it becomes easy to be accessed and used by the modern generation. Activated charcoal powder for teeth absorbs most of the toxins on the teeth without leaving any significant amount of toxins out. On the other hand, activated charcoal is not absorbed by the body which ensures that the toxins absorbed by the activated charcoal can cause no harm after their absorption. In the end, it is safely expelled from the body by the digestive and excretory systems.


The best possible way to apply charcoal to whiten teeth is with a toothbrush. The brush must be first made wet by dipping in water. Then the capsule containing teeth whitening activated charcoal should be opened upon the toothbrush. The powder will stick to the wet brush. Swiftly drive the toothbrush in your mouth so that no powder drops anywhere else otherwise it will leave a mark. Brushing in small and gentle circles is the best way to clean your teeth. Do it for two minutes, then spit out and rinse your mouth well. You should be able to see the difference.

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