Best Mehndi Designs For Every Occasion

Mehndi is a form of art which is applied on hand. It is also the name of the paste which is applied on hands and used to make this form of art. Perhaps the best definition of mehndi to describe it to someone who knows nothing about it is that it can be described as a form of temporary tattoo which is applied as a traditional custom on the hands and feet of Indian women.

Tattoo but so very different one:

Tattoos are really harmful. But that is not the case when it comes to mehndi. Mehndi is made from completely natural sources. Henna, which is used as the main raw material in making mehndi paste, is a completely and potent Ayurvedic herb, which instead of having side effects of tattoo actually helps actively to prevent skin disorders and keeps skin healthy.

Thus, in a country like India, where women have to use their hands in doing a lot of hard work starting from managing kitchen, raising children and even fly planes and treat the ailing masses, it is so very important for them to apply mehndi in order to keep hands soft and supple and far from skin disorders.


The Best Mehndi Designs:

Mehndi designs are exotic so as to say. Mainly these designs are done on hand of girls and women by family members, friends or relatives. It is highly unlikely and rare for any given lady to have a brilliant designer of mehndi designs in either their relative circle or their friends circle. Added to that, mehndi designs and drawing mehndi assumes a special and high level of importance when it comes to weddings.

In such scenarios, it is the best option to go for professionals. Those who are residing in and around the bustling metropolis of Kolkata and are looking at this page after searching for professional mehndi artists then you have come to just the right place.

Types of Mehndi Art Forms:

Strictly speaking there is no official classification of mehndi designs (no nothing like that is written in scriptures from which this art has evolved). However, modern interpretations have given rise to a few “types” of designs, although these are basically different variations of the same designs.

First up, there is the most popular type – bridal mehndi designs. These wedding mehndi designs are especially popular among brides to be and their relatives and are the most sought after designs.  The second type is known as Arabic mehndi designs which are much more exotic designs and require pin point precision of expert techniques.

Popular Designs of the Art of Mehndi:

Mehndi designing has evolved from being just any ordinary design that can be applied anyhow in any manner suitable. Professional mehndi designers can prove to be quite adequately innovative in providing the best mehndi designs when it comes to any kind of special occasions. Some of their best ever mehndi collections include exquisite designs.


Bangles up Your Arm:

This design is fairly common but is a quite demanding design. It features elaborate floral patterns drawn in a specific pattern and in lines starting at end of your palm and going all the way up to your elbow. This mehndi designs for hands attempts to provide the look of numerous bangles adorning your hand and comes in several color patterns.

Bangles on Your Wrist:

This form of design is one which is relatively new and is catching up fast. It features a single bangle design on your wrist and avoids getting into the intricacies of being ornamental as such. To top things up, there will also be a ring design on any of your finger on both or either hands.


Elaborate Elbow Length Design:

These designs are probably the most popular and common designs simply because of their elaborate detailing and striking beauty. These designs comprise of probably all geometrical shapes known to man and are known for their sheer excellence in covering the hands.

Mehndi designs for legs are also a very common trend that is catching up and the artists are coming up with some great designs!

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