5 Coffee Making Tips For Brewing Coffee

espresso pouring from coffee machine

Having a cup of coffee is the first thing in the morning for some people. It is more than a routine to give a kick start to your day. However, if it is the favorite part of your day then you can revive the routine with some great coffee changes to uplift your mood.


espresso pouring from coffee machine


Following are 5 simple ways to brew your coffee in the most distinct ways and please your taste buds differently. Each time you make your coffee you can have a different coffee experience. So, here are the 5 tips to brew the coffee.

  1. Tip 1: Cool the beans before grinding. Cooling the beans before grinding will give a more high quality and smooth taste. It will help to yield more flavor from a small amount of coffee. You do not have to put a lot of coffee for perfect taste. So, all you need to do is, keep the coffee beans in an airtight container and put them in the freezer before you go to sleep. The next morning, grind and brew the beans. Another thing is to pay attention to the grinder. The burr grinders are better for grinding the coffee than the one with cheap blades.


  1. Tip2: Do not invest in pre-ground coffee. Always invest in fresh coffee beans. Most of the coffee companies do not give a date about when the coffee was roasted. The tip is, the coffee should be consumed within one month of its roast date. You can find fresh coffee in local coffee shops where the local roasters roast the coffee in small amounts.


  1. Tip3: pay attention to the quality of water. A cup of coffee is 99 percent water and if the water you are using tastes bad then the coffee will also taste bad. Use the purest form of water to make the coffee and if you want to extract the maximum flavor then it should be at the right temperature.


  1. Tip 4: To make good coffee you must eliminate variables and a perfect way to do it is by using the same amount of coffee to every ounce of water when you brew. You can use a digital scale for measuring the amount of water and coffee which you use. Ideally, the ratio should be 1:20 which is 7.5 grams of coffee and 150 ml of water. It will make a strong cup of coffee. Some people like 1:28 or 1: 16 and you are the ones to decide about the quantity as per your taste. Removing all guesswork is the key.


  1. Tip 5: Get a pour over dripper. It may need more effort than an automatic coffeemaker, but it is a great way to make some nice changes to the taste of your coffee. Automatic brewers soak the ground with many streams of water to produce coffee with a good taste. However, a pour over saturates the beans with a steady stream of water and it reduces temperature loss which rises from a big surface area. If the water is hotter it will help to brew the coffee more quickly.


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