5 Best Golf Driver For Beginners 2018

golf driver

So, you have just started playing golf and surrounded by a lot of golf accessories products and don’t know what to do. Well, you need good golf equipment and one important part of the equipment is the golf driver.

Golf is a tough game to master and it is much more than just smacking the ball around. You need concentration, skills, and strength. One of the most difficult aspects to master is the art of drive. To become good in this area here are the 5 best golf drivers for beginners:


  • The Callaway Big Bertha Driver: It has a lot of features which makes it a little different from the others on the list. It is also a great choice for improving your golf game. If you check them closely they range from clubhead design to adjustable weights that are engineered well for a low CG. It, therefore, allows you to give a lower spin and a higher loft and more distances which a beginner golfer seeks in a driver.

The forged composite has high strength, allows big bertha to have adjustable perimeter weighting and the lightweight crown helps to save 20 gram of weight.


  • Nextt Golf Tetra II Platinum: Tetra II is one of the simplest drivers to align at address. It offers outstanding new innovation, beauty, and technology to the successful line of the Nextt Tetra series of hybrids and woods. It has a distinctive platinum crown and a black face.
  • Cobra Fly-Z Driver: It is the best driver for beginners and intermediate handicappers. You will be super impressed by its performance and out of all the tested drivers, this offers the best blend of distance with forgiveness, the two vital characteristics which all the higher handicappers must look for. The spellbound features of the Fly Z are large clubhead size of 455cc along with an adjustable loft smart pad, a speed channel face and the deep center of gravity weighting system. The complete pack of features will make your drive great and it comes at a very good price too. Seriously, there is nothing negative about the Cobra Fly-Z driver. The speed channel works really well and the low or deep center of gravity helps to produce consistent mid-high launch angels for all the players. The feel is smooth and solid as well.
  • Taylormade JetSpeed Driver: Just like the Cobra Fly Z, it helps to utilize the speed pocket technology to promote more distance on the shots and mis-hits off the lower part of the clubface. The JetSpeed comes with a forward center of gravity position that is ultra low and helps in promoting a faster ball speed at impact and offers less spin off the club face. The JetSpeed features a 12 position loft sleeve which helps to add and subtract 1.5 degrees easily to the available standard lofts. The speed pocket technology is very helpful to generate club-head speed for more distance. The ball spin rate of the driver is quite low which is impeccable as the shot shape is quite consistent. It is a great driver from one of the best brands Taylormade.
  • Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver: In the driver space, Cleveland is not the leader, but this classic XL driver produced by them is a perfect buy for higher handicap players. It has the deepest and largest clubface out of all the drivers tested for this guide. It means more confidence at the address as the club feels like the beast on the tee. The club face is deeper which means a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness. For those who lack confidence off the tea and do not have a penetrating ball flight must try this driver. It is a great bet for them.

So, these are the five best quality golf drivers which can help you master the golf skills and boost your confidence to join your favorite golf clubs. Always look for two core features where one is the intelligently designed weighting systems and second is the large head size. Pick the best one and get ready to make your game more powerful.

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